Mini 4 Drone 1080P 4K HD Dual Camera WiFi FPV Foldable Quadcopter Optical Flow Localization Obstacle Avoidance RC Drone Gift Toy

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1080P-Optical Flow1080P-Optical Flow4K-Optical Flow4K-Optical FlowOnly Battery





1. The battery cannot be sent separately, and the buyer needs to place an order with the drone.

2. Due to the restrictions on the platform logistics rules, buyers buy orders for replacing batteries, we will try to send it with the drone. If the order cannot pass the customs and is returned, we will remove the additional battery and keep only one battery and send it again. After the buyer receives the order, we will refund the payment of the additional battery. Please consult the seller before placing an order.

Product configuration parameters

1. Remote control frequency / Channel: 2.4ghz/4 channels

2. Product material: plastic / metal / electronic components

3. Adjust the camera: remotely adjust the camera / adjust 148

4. Product color: Grey / Black

5. Motor model: 816

6. Remote control mode: left hand throttle

7. Flight time: about 20 minutes

8. Size of mobile phone clip: 5.5in

9. Remote control battery: 3x “AAA”(not include)

10. Fuselage battery: 3.7V 2000mAh

11. Remote control distance (no interference): 200m

12. Charging mode: USB

13. Charging time: about 60 minutes

14. Packing method: color box + storage bag

15. Body size: 26 * 24* 5cm

16. Folding size: 13 * 8 * 5cm

17. Package size: 23 * 18 * 8cm

18. Image transmission signal: the UAV has its own WiFi signal

19. Image return distance (without interference): 30-50m

Remote control function

One-key take off / one-key landing / Ascending / Descending / left / Right steering / 360 roll / Headless mode / Fast / Slow gear / One-key reset / Direction fine adjustment / Lens adjustment angle

Aerial photography APP function

One-key take off / One-key landing / Ascending / Descending / left / Right turning / 360 roll / LED light / Headless mode / Fast / Slow gear / Photographing / Video recording / Switching dual cameras / Face recognition automatic photographing / Gravity induction / Trajectory flight / WiFi FPV / Highly hold mode


Remote control*1
Body battery*1
USB cable*1
Protective cover*4
Spare fan blades*4
Drone manual*1
APP manual*1
Color box*1
Storage bag*1

Video resolution: 4K dual front camera 2560*1440 bottom camera 2560*1440
Picture resolution 4K dual front camera 4096*2016 Bottom camera 4096*2016


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